Basketball Fundraisers

Shoot and score for your next fundraiser with these basketball-themed ideas for teams.

Sports Fundraising Ideas

Being on a sports team these days certainly isn’t cheap; some families struggle just to get their kids to every game. Luckily, there are some easy sports fundraising ways to raise money for your team.

Charity Skydiving

Skydiving is becoming a very popular activity and yet it’s still perfect for a charity fundraising event. Enough people are interested in skydiving to want to do it, but afraid enough that they think it’s very brave when someone does it for charity!

Football Fundraisers

Football fundraisers work because you can get the whole team involved, as well as parents, teachers and the local community. Treat it like a winning drive and you’ll surpass your fundraising goals before you know it!

Fundraiser Event Ideas

Fundraising events — like charity races, dances or shows — will raise your charity’s profile in the community, while also raising plenty of funds for a worthy cause.