T-Shirt Fundraiser

There’s always room for another t-shirt in everyone’s wardrobe – so use your chance to raise funds by selling t-shirts for your group or charity!

Fundraising Bracelets

Stretch bracelets originally began as a fashion statement, but now they have a different function — they’re one of the most recognizable ways to support a charity or non-profit group.

Gift Card Fundraiser

Selling gift cards for businesses such as restaurants, department stores and grocery stores has become a very popular form of fundraising for organizations in recent years.

Fundraiser Coupon Books

Many organizations sell booklets of coupons to raise funds. The booklets, usually good for one year, contain coupons offering discounts at restaurants, stores, theaters and other attractions. The discounts are substantial enough to make them useful to the purchaser.

Farmer’s Market

A lot of money can be made from fresh produce, especially as people become more concerned about where their food comes from and how much it costs. Farmer’s markets are a great way of fundraising for your chosen charity.