Flower Fundraiser

Get some color and beauty into people’s homes while raising funds for your group or charity! If you can get a florist or a flower-grower to support you – or if you’ve got several enthusiastic gardeners in your group – you might consider a flower fundraiser.

Dunk Tank Fundraiser

A dunk tank is best used as part of a fun day, school or work fundraiser, or a carnival — somewhere that attracts a lot of foot traffic. With equipment you can hire for the day, it is a quick and relatively cheap activity.

Yard Sale

Feeling a little cluttered? Clean out your attic and hold a yard sale to raise funds for your special cause. Your clutter (and your charity) will thank you.

Street Performance

Open your mind (and your hat) to create a performance that people will gladly pay money for. Street performances are a creative way to showcase your talent and raise money for your charity at the same time.

Dog Walking

Dog walking is an easy fundraising activity, perfect for children, teens and adults. All it takes is a little love for man’s best friend and a good pair of sneakers to get started.