Food Fundraising Ideas

Most holidays incorporate meals and snacks as an excuse for people to gather and enjoy each other’s company. So when thinking about fundraising be sure to think food.

Farmer’s Market

A lot of money can be made from fresh produce, especially as people become more concerned about where their food comes from and how much it costs. Farmer’s markets are a great way of fundraising for your chosen charity.

Chocolate Fundraiser

From chocolate bars to boxed confections, chocolate is an ideal fundraising product that is easy to sell and tastes good too!

Pizza Fundraiser

Pizza fundraisers are extremely popular for schools and sports groups. They’re successful because it brings together something most people buy anyway (pizza!) and fundraising for a good cause. Find out how to make your pizza fundraiser a success.

Fundraiser Cookbook

Creating a fundraising cookbook is a delicious way to make money for your charity or non-profit group, and there are lots of ways to spice it up and make your cookbook unique.