Fashion Show Fundraiser

Of the many ways to raise money for an organization or charity, a fashion show can be one of the most fun and profitable. Who wouldn’t like to see local celebrities or even family and friends strutting their stuff on the runway?

T-Shirt Fundraiser

There’s always room for another t-shirt in everyone’s wardrobe – so use your chance to raise funds by selling t-shirts for your group or charity!

Fundraising Calendars

Help people remember your special cause year-round by creating a fundraising calendar for your charity or non-profit group.

Fun Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is unavoidable for most organizations, but it can also be a fun and creative activity that will energize volunteers and excite donor-targets. Sometimes all it takes is a twist on an old tradition; other times you might want to try something new!

Rubber Bracelets

Create a charity campaign that people will be proud to wear on their wrists: Raise money and awareness of your non-profit group or charity with rubber bracelets.