Fashion Show Fundraiser

Of the many ways to raise money for an organization or charity, a fashion show can be one of the most fun and profitable. Who wouldn’t like to see local celebrities or even family and friends strutting their stuff on the runway?

Charity Lottery

There are a number of types of lottery events that can be used for fundraising. The most common charity lotteries are raffles and bingo, but there are other types as well.

Charity Raffle

Whether as a fun addition to your charity event or as a standalone fundraiser, charity raffles never get old. So if you can get a nice selection of prizes at low or no cost, why not organize one?

Simple Fundraising Ideas

Check out these fundraising ideas that cost little in the way of investment or time, yet can bring in some nice donations for your organization.

Charity Auction

Everyone loves to spend money, and an auction puts a buzz in the air and creates a sense of urgency to get your bid in. This leads to lots of fun, friendly competition and bidding wars, which will hopefully set your profit margins soaring!