Fashion Show Fundraiser

Of the many ways to raise money for an organization or charity, a fashion show can be one of the most fun and profitable. Who wouldn’t like to see local celebrities or even family and friends strutting their stuff on the runway?

Organizing a successful fashion show takes some planning in advance but the results are sure to be worth it.

Choosing a Location

The first step in putting together a fashion show is to choose a location. Locations can include local malls, schools, churches and community centers. Just make sure to choose a location big enough to accommodate plenty of spectators.

Selecting a Theme

Once you have a location, the next step is choosing a theme. The beauty of a fashion show fundraiser is that the theme is limited only by your imagination.

For example, if raising money for a school football team, the show could focus on football attire such as jerseys or game wear like sweaters and scarves in team colors. A show to benefit an animal shelter could feature matching human and pet ensembles.

Making the Show Pay

Now you have a location and theme it’s time to get to the heart of the fundraiser: Raising the funds.

Selling tickets to the show is the obvious way to make money but there are other options to consider too. For example, combining the show with an auction or raffle will increase crowds and revenue. Selling DVDs of the show or commemorative t-shirts or hats donated by a sponsor will increase your revenue and provide your participants with a keepsake of a memorable event.