Christmas Wreath Fundraiser

Ho ho ho! The festive season is approaching quickly, so it’s high time to plan your Christmas fundraisers.

With the year drawing to a close and the holiday spirit all around, people want to do some good and contribute to a charity. Let it be yours! There are many seasonal traditions that offer you a chance to sell something that people are looking for anyway – something like Christmas wreaths.

Selling Christmas Wreaths

You’ll need to team up with a farm that provides you with the wreaths (or the raw materials). As you’ll probably be taking a whole lot of wreaths, you should be able to get a healthy discount.

When you sell lovingly decorated wreaths, people will be sure to pay generously. Remember to let them know they’re supporting a good cause – perhaps you’ll even get some extra donations!

Wreath Workshop

If you’re feeling up to a little challenge, you can organize a wreath-making workshop.

You’ll need all the raw materials (again, as you buy in bulk and for charity, remember to negotiate a discount!), a florist or talented amateur to teach the workshop, and a location that can handle all the pine needles, glue, wax and other messy stuff. If you’ve got all that, however, your Christmas wreath workshop will likely attract many interested participants who are eager to create their very own wreath and enjoy a fun day with other creative people.

Charge for materials, put up a donation box, and sell Christmas cookies, gingerbread, eggnog and other seasonal refreshments to the hungry craftspeople. Turn your Christmas wreath fundraiser into a community event!