Brick Fundraiser

When you are planning to build a new building (or do major renovations on an old one) for your charitable cause, you’re going to need a lot of money.

Whatever your cause, a brick fundraiser is an ideal way of encouraging contributions. Here is how it works:

Collect & Immortalize

Every donor who donates to the building has their name (or the name of any person they choose) engraved into a brick.

Donations are welcome from individuals as well as groups. They can be made in one’s own name, as a gift to somebody else or in order to honor the memory of a beloved person.

In the construction of the building, all the named bricks will be used to make up a “Wall of Fame.” That way, everybody who sees the finished building will know who helped to achieve it – a truly inspiring tribute to the generous donors!

Encourage & Advertise

Remember to spread the word so potential supporters know about this great chance of making a visible and memorable impact. For local companies and businesses, it can be great publicity.

It’s also a perfect gift for all sorts of special occasions – from anniversaries to weddings, from graduations to retirement.

It may not be a star on the Walk of Fame, but in many ways, it’s far more meaningful. Not everybody can be a star… but everybody can make a difference!