About Us

Fundraising is a vital part of all charity work, but it particularly affects small charities and fundraisers. More than 85% of American non-profit groups have incomes below $100,000. Even one good fundraising idea can make a huge difference, which is where we come in. Welcome to 100 Fundraising Ideas (USA)!

Who We Are

Founded by an eco-conscious American and Brit, we are a small group of people who are passionate about charity and fundraising.

Last year we launched 100 Fundraising Ideas (UK) and it was so well-received that we decided to create an American version too! (But all of our ideas can be used regardless of where you’re from.)

What We Do

This site is all about something we love to do anyway. We aren’t selling anything and we aren’t trying to make money from you. We’re just here to get you started! Ultimately, we want 100 Fundraising Ideas to be a place to start fundraising conversations: get ideas, give advice and share resources among all sorts of fundraisers.

Want to write for us? Whether you’re a professional writer, an amateur fundraiser, or somewhere in between, contact us to find out how you can add your voice to 100 Fundraising Ideas.