Yard Sale

Feeling a little cluttered? The easiest way to start fundraising is to work with what you already have. Take everyday activities and turn them into a chance to make money for your charity or cause. Start by cleaning out your attic and holding a yard sale. Your clutter (and your charity) will thank you.

Yard Sale Fundraising Tips

Most of us have either held or been to a few yard sales in our time. Here are some tips to maximize your fundraising success:

  • Advertise – Place an ad in your local penny saver and place lots of signs around your neighborhood. Make sure the signs are clear and give important information about when and where your yard sale is taking place.
  • Price realistically – Sometimes we hope our junk is more valuable than it actually is. Clear out things you just aren’t using anymore and assign an honest value to them.
  • Negotiate – Move over, amateurs; there are a lot of semi-pro yard sale shoppers out there, ready to barter. Be willing to accept lower offers. After all, you’re not using these things anymore, and your charity needs the money more than your attic needs more dust collectors.
  • Promote your charity – Yard sales abound on any given weekend, but a charity yard sale is something special. Advertise your intentions on your posters and flyers, and chat with your shoppers too. Hopefully they’ll make a donation and learn more about your special cause too.