Flower Fundraiser

Get some color and beauty into people’s homes while raising funds for your group or charity! If you can get a florist or a flower-grower to support you – or if you’ve got several enthusiastic gardeners in your group – you might consider a flower fundraiser.

Magazine Fundraiser

You need to raise money for your team or non-profit group, but don’t have the time or resources to organize your own fundraiser? A magazine fundraiser might be just the right thing for you.

Fundraising Calendars

Help people remember your special cause year-round by creating a fundraising calendar for your charity or non-profit group.

Gift Card Fundraiser

Selling gift cards for businesses such as restaurants, department stores and grocery stores has become a very popular form of fundraising for organizations in recent years.

Simple Fundraising Ideas

Check out these fundraising ideas that cost little in the way of investment or time, yet can bring in some nice donations for your organization.