Chocolate Fundraiser

From chocolate bars to boxed confections, chocolate is an ideal fundraising product that is easy to sell and tastes good too!

Scratch Card Fundraiser

Get out your lucky pennies! Scratch card fundraisers are a cheap and easy way to raise money for a non-profit cause or charity. Plus, they require only small donations and very little money upfront from your charity.

Pizza Fundraiser

Pizza fundraisers are extremely popular for schools and sports groups. They’re successful because it brings together something most people buy anyway (pizza!) and fundraising for a good cause. Find out how to make your pizza fundraiser a success.

Rubber Bracelets

Create a charity campaign that people will be proud to wear on their wrists: Raise money and awareness of your non-profit group or charity with rubber bracelets.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Turn your supporters into donors, one batch at a time. Cookie dough fundraisers are a sweet way to make money for your charity or non-profit group.