Celebrity Pool Tournament

Rack ’em up! Who wouldn’t pay for the chance to beat their favorite celebrity at pool? Put some English on your fundraising by holding a celebrity pool tournament.

Art Show Fundraiser

All you need is a little bit of talent (or some talented friends) to run an art show fundraiser. Rent or borrow a space and create a limited-time charity art gallery, featuring works from your community’s finest artists.

Casino Night Fundraiser

There’s nothing like a full house to bring out everyone’s fundraising generosity. Whether you go all-in or fold before the free card, a casino night charity benefit is a great way to raise funds for your worthy cause. Why? Because the house always wins!

Charity Bowling Night

Bowling is one of the most popular participation sports. Even bowling amateurs love to play, so turn this to your advantage by holding a charity bowling tournament, pledge drive or individual competition.

Charity Basketball Game

Swish! That’s the sound of money dropping into your fundraising bucket. Organize a charity basketball game to raise funds for your charity, school or special cause.