Charity Concert

A charity concert is a fantastic, fun and unique way to fundraise for the charity close to your heart. All it takes is a little bit of planning, some local talent and a small amount of hard work.

Football Fundraisers

Football fundraisers work because you can get the whole team involved, as well as parents, teachers and the local community. Treat it like a winning drive and you’ll surpass your fundraising goals before you know it!

Fundraiser Event Ideas

Fundraising events — like charity races, dances or shows — will raise your charity’s profile in the community, while also raising plenty of funds for a worthy cause.


Food, fun and games — what could be a better way to raise money for a good cause? A charity carnival can be the focal point of your community, bringing in lots of donors and publicity for your charity or group.

Charity Ball

What could be more glamorous than a charity ball? Sipping champagne, rubbing elbows with famous people… all while raising money for a good cause!