Scratch Card Fundraiser

Get out your lucky pennies! Scratch card fundraisers are a cheap and easy way to raise money for a non-profit cause or charity. They require only small donations and very little money upfront from your charity. Here’s how to make yours a success.

Types of Scratch Card Fundraisers

There are two main types of scratch card fundraisers:

  • Traditional scratch cards challenge players to reveal a certain pattern or winning message in exchange for prizes of various amounts.
  • Coupon scratch cards allow players to scratch a set number of spaces, which reveal varying dollar amounts. The donors must then pay this amount or, occasionally, they will reveal a coupon for a prize instead.

Each type of scratch card fundraiser has advantages and disadvantages. Coupon scratch cards generally yield a higher return; however, they also require players to invest an unknown amount. Some people may be more comfortable playing traditional scratch cards, where they pay a flat amount upfront (usually $1 per card) for the chance to win something.

Scratch Card Fundraising Tips

Private companies sell scratch card booklets for fundraising drives. Do your research and find the best company to meet your charity’s particular needs. For smaller groups, this may mean taking a lower profit margin in return for less money upfront, or committing to buy fewer scratch card booklets.

Working out these details is the most time-consuming part of a scratch card fundraiser; afterwards, all you have to do is hand out booklets and start selling to your friends, families and co-workers.