Pizza Fundraiser

Pizza fundraisers are extremely popular for schools and sports groups. They’re successful because it brings together something most people buy anyway (pizza!) and fundraising for a good cause.

Frozen Pizzas

Running a frozen pizza fundraiser requires a fundraising company. Search online to find a company that will deliver to your area. Pizza fundraisers come in many different varieties and often offer delicious appetizers and side dishes as well as pizzas. These companies may appeal to a larger audience, so check everything out before you pick the best.

Pizza Kits

Pizza fundraising kits are sold by specialized fundraising companies. Kits are available through a catalog or via a simpler order form, which you hand out to potential buyers. Collect all of your orders by a certain date and place your order with the pizza fundraising company. They’ll deliver your pizza kits to your school, office or home, ready to be distributed to your hungry buyers.

Pizza Fundraising Tips

Here are a few tips for making your pizza fundraiser a success:

  • Collect payments in advance. This will make it easier to pay the fundraising company and will ensure that you aren’t stuck with orders you can’t sell.
  • Check the fine print. Different fundraising companies offer variable terms. Most will take a percentage of your sales and let you keep the rest for your fundraising, but make sure you know how it works before you order.
  • Get creative. It’ll take a little extra work, but there’s no reason you can’t create your own pizza fundraiser. Partner with a local business or get some motivated young chefs to help you. Create customized pizzas to your customers’ specifications; as long as you’ve calculated how much the materials will cost you, the rest of the income from the sale belongs to your worthy charity cause.