Magazine Fundraiser

You need to raise money for your team or non-profit group, but don’t have the time or resources to organize your own fundraiser? A magazine fundraiser might be just the right thing for you.

Magazine Fundraiser Options

Many magazines offer special fundraising programs for sports teams and other groups.

Decide whether you’d rather sell copies of magazines or subscriptions. Selling magazines may be easier, as customers don’t have commit to a long-term subscription. However, magazines naturally prefer to sell subscriptions – those are what keeps them in business! Therefore, subscription programs are more common and tend to create more revenue for you.

Search and compare different programs and check their conditions and requirements. Then sign up for the one that suits you best.

Selling Magazines

Once you get your fundraising materials, you can send group members around to sell those subscriptions or magazines.

Make sure your volunteers know that they represent your team or charity and should act responsibly. While their goal is to sell as many subscriptions or copies as possible, they should still accept a “no” in a spirit of sportsmanship. One subscription unsold isn’t much, while one angry person will likely tell friends and neighbors about her or his negative experience, making your volunteers’ job much harder.

Final Details

As there is some paperwork involved with this fundraising method, you may want to appoint someone else to handle it. Find a reliable person to act as your fundraising coordinator, instruct volunteers, collect subscription forms and keep your accounts. That way, you’ve got your hands free for your job!