Greeting Card Fundraiser

How many greeting cards did you send out last Christmas? Probably quite a lot – so you know there’s a steady market for traditional, modern, inspiring or funny Season’s Greetings cards.

But Christmas isn’t the only occasion for card-writing. Whether for birthdays or Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving or weddings, here’s what you have to keep in mind to make your greeting card fundraiser a success.


  • Be cheap. High quality paper and print may cost a bit more, but remember that greeting cards aren’t exactly a unique fundraising idea. There’s going to be a lot of competition, so you won’t get away with cheap paper or messy colors.
  • Try this at home. Unless you want to sell only a very limited number of cards, making cards at home is a bad idea. You won’t get you the same quality as a professional print shop, and you won’t save money, either. The only exception is if you plan to sell individually crafted or painted cards.


  • The math. There are companies specializing in providing charities with fundraising cards. Alternatively, you can print your own cards. Take a look at different card fundraising programs and talk to print shops to find out what offer works best for you.
  • Put information about your charity on the back of the cards – name and office address at least, ideally with the address of your website. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about your good cause, and may even find you long-term supporters.
  • Get those cards sold!