Fundraising Calendars

Help people remember your special cause year-round by creating a fundraising calendar for your charity or non-profit group.

Planning to create a fundraising calendar? You don’t have to get naked like Helen Mirren in British comedy flick Calendar Girls, but you definitely should come up with something interesting to put on your calendar pages.

Fundraising Calendar Themes

So how do you fill that calendar? The answer depends in part on your target audience.

If you only plan to sell calendars locally, local sports teams or sights work nicely, as does artwork by local students. If you’ve got a more ambitious goal, choose something that is popular beyond your community boundaries, like animals or spectacular landscapes. Search photo galleries on the internet for beautiful shots and get the artists’ permission to print – if you’re lucky, they will be content with their name in your calendar and a free thank-you copy.

Want something more individual? Get creative! With cooking shows on the rise, how about a mix of mouth-watering food photography and the corresponding recipes? The same works with step-by-step crafting instructions. An interactive calendar is bound to stand out from the masses!

Planning Your Calendar

With some fierce competition from other calendar-selling groups, you won’t get very far with unremarkable content and mediocre quality, so it’s worth investing in high-quality print and paper. Depending on the topic you choose for your calendar, you may also need a professional photographer.

Find a sponsor if your advance costs threaten to eat you up. They’ll want their name or logo somewhere noticeable, so think about where to put it!

Where to Sell Calendars

Once your calendars are printed, get them sold. Cooperate with bookshops, send volunteers around or put up a stall. Here’s to a successful year!