Fundraiser Coupon Books

Many organizations sell booklets of coupons to raise funds. The booklets, usually good for one year, contain coupons offering discounts at restaurants, stores, theaters and other attractions. The discounts are substantial enough to make them useful to the purchaser.

There are two ways to sell fundraiser coupons:

Coupon Books From Fundraising Companies

Choose a company that specializes in helping organizations raise funds through this method. They contact the businesses to be advertised in the booklets and arrange for the coupons to be redeemed by them; they print the booklets; and they provide for the booklets to be sent to your group in order to be sold.

When choosing a company, make sure that the businesses in the booklet are those that can be redeemed in your area.

Also, choose a company that allows your group to keep a substantial percentage of the sales. Check to see if they hold you responsible for the actual booklets sold or if you must pay for a minimum number of booklets whether your volunteers sell them or not.

Create Your Own Coupon Book

Another way to raise money with coupon booklets is to have your group do the work of creating the booklets. This is more time-consuming, as you must contact local businesses who will purchase the advertising, and see to the expenses of collating and printing the booklets. However, the advantage is that your organization will get to keep 100% of the profits.

When choosing which route to take, decide whether you wish to maximize profits, or if it is more important to save the time of your volunteers.