Fundraiser Cookbook

Creating a fundraising cookbook is a delicious way to make money for your charity or non-profit group, and there are lots of ways to spice it up and make your cookbook unique. Here are some ideas:

Celebrity Cookbook

Create a fabulous charity cookbook with recipes from your favorite celebrities. Get in touch with local athletes, news anchors, and celebrities with ties to your local community. (You may need to speak to their agent or a PR department first.) Explain your cause to them, making sure to emphasize how it positively impacts your community. All they have to do is contribute one of their favorite recipes and you’ll do the rest. For them, it’s a small time commitment that will earn them lots of goodwill and positive publicity.

Themed Charity Cookbook

Creating a theme will make your fundraising cookbook stand out. Tie in the recipes with your fundraising cause, for example:

  • Cookbook featuring local foods, to benefit a community charity
  • Vegetarian cookbook for an animal rights charity
  • Healthy foods for a sports team
  • Kid-friendly recipes for school fundraising
  • Barbeque recipes to benefit a volunteer fire department (just kidding!)

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your theme; even if it’s wacky, remember, it’s all for a good cause.

How to Make a Fundraising Cookbook

Put together a team of foodies to make the recipes first. You’ll be able to assure they’re good quality, and you can also take lots of photos to include in the book. You may also need someone to write captions and edit the recipes so they are consistent throughout your cookbook. Don’t forget to include a page or two about your fundraising cause too!

There are several options for getting your fundraising cookbook printed. You can use a print-on-demand service to create individual copies as orders come in. This gives you less profit overall, but also less risk if you don’t sell many cookbooks.

Alternatively, work with a local print shop to make the books. They may give you a reduced rate for your fundraising cause; if not, ask if they will give you a discount in return for printing an ad in the cookbook.

All that’s left to do now is sell those books! Get on the phone, set up a table at the mall (with permission) and email all your friends. You can even have a party where you make some of the foods featured in the book. Sell tickets to the party and sell books to the attendees too!