Flower Fundraiser

Get some color and beauty into people’s homes while raising funds for your group or charity! If you can get a florist or a flower-grower to support you – or if you’ve got several enthusiastic gardeners in your group – you might consider a flower fundraiser.

Single Cut Flowers

You can simply try selling single cut flowers, like roses or carnations, to couples in restaurants or in the mall (get permission first!). Or you can have a flower sale that works much like any other traditional charity sale.

Bouquets & Potted Plants

There are two basic types of flower sale: Selling ready-made bouquets, or potted flowers to put in one’s garden.

Bouquets are a great idea before occasions that call for flowers, like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas. Potted flowers can be sold all through the gardening season, although it is best done in spring or early fall.

Find a good location, such as a big parking lot, if your group doesn’t have a suitable venue. If necessary, get permission to put up a stall, and make sure you’ve got access to water so your plants won’t get thirsty. If the weather is hot and sunny, you may need a parasol to keep the flowers in the shade. If it’s cold, bring something hot to drink for yourself!

Advertising Your Fundraiser

Make sure potential customers know about your sale by putting a note in the local newspaper or advertising with your radio station. Let people know that they can do a good deed and make a loved one happy by buying your flowers!