Face Painting

Face painting is a fun way to raise additional money for your charity or non-profit group — it only takes a steady hand, some face paint and willing participants to get started.

Face Painting Booths

Where is the best place to open up a face painting station? Any public place will do, but face painting is especially lucrative at these places:

  • Carnivals, circuses and fun fairs
  • Shopping fairs
  • Malls
  • School events
  • Sporting events

You’ll be guaranteed lots of foot traffic and plenty of willing faces at these locations!

Face Painting Tips

  • DO check for allergies before starting.
  • DO take requests. If they don’t have a request, create a theme that will remind them of your charity.
  • DO set a price table. Charge one amount for small paint jobs (like “Go Team”) and a larger amount for full face paint. Factor in how much time it will take to do each face too.
  • DO talk about your charity while you’re painting. You have a captive audience — tell them about your special cause.
  • DON’T use regular house paint. Buy specially-formulated, non-toxic face paint instead!
  • DON’T paint too close to the eyes, nose or mouth. Face paint is safe, but it’s for external use only and you want to keep your clients happy and safe.