Dunk Tank Fundraiser

A dunk tank is best used as part of a fun day, school or work fundraiser, or a carnival — somewhere that attracts a lot of foot traffic. It is a quick and relatively cheap activity that relies on volume. This is why you want a heavily populated arena for your dunk tank.

More passers-by mean more opportunities to make money for your charity!

What is a Dunk Tank and How Does it Work?

A dunk tank is a large tank of water over which a seat (usually a plank of wood) is placed. There is a buzzer attached to the mechanics of the seat and a button on the outside of the tank. The “dunkers” get to throw something, usually a soaked sponge or baseball, at the button. If they hit the button it releases the seat mechanism and the “dunkee” gets dropped into the tank of water.

Tips for Setting Up a Dunk Tank

The dunk tank

A dunk tank will be costly to make yourself due to the materials needed and the mechanics. It will be cheaper to hire one. If you mention that you are fundraising for charity then you may be able to negotiate a discount.

If you’re fundraising as part of a larger event you may be able to hire equipment in bulk and get an even cheaper rate.


Get the right volunteers for your audience. If you’re setting up a dunk tank as part of a school fundraiser then get the principal to volunteer. Who doesn’t want to be the one to throw the a teacher or boss into a tank of water? If it is part of a community fundraising event then ask some local celebrities: news anchors and radio DJs, etc. to take part.

If you’re having a dunk tank as part of a larger event, such as a carnival, then get some volunteers to dress up as clowns and other characters. The more interesting you make it, the more people you will attract.


Think of a dunk tank as one of those games you play at a carnival. You get 3 chances to knock down the 10 green bottles, 3 shots to hit the target and 3 chances to hook a duck. When it comes to these sorts of games it seems like 3 is the magic number! Charge somewhere between $1 to $2 and each participant gets 3 chances to hit the buzzer.