Donation Bucket

There’s nothing simpler than spending a day in the sunshine, telling people about your charity and collecting donations. Whether you stand on the roadside or do a collection in school, you can raise a lot of funds for your charity or cause.

Donation Bucket Tips

  • DO get permission before you start collecting. If you’re on public property then you’ll need to ask your county/city for a permit. If you’re on private property, get written permission from the property owner.
  • DO use clear, professional signs, uniforms and badges to identify yourself.
  • DO answer questions. Lots of people are interested to learn more about charities and they may ask for additional information. This is your chance to earn a long-term donor, so don’t just take their money and run.
  • DON’T ever leave your collection bucket unattended!
  • DON’T make people feel bad if they don’t donate. You’ll have plenty of chances to make a good impression on someone else.