Christmas Ornament Fundraiser

Planning to sell Christmas ornaments this season? Great idea! You can either create your own ornaments or buy them already made.

Manufactured Ornaments

The advantage of manufactured Christmas ornaments is that you have little work to do before you can start selling them. Look for different offers by specialty companies!

ou may be able to customize your ornaments so even though you didn’t make them yourself, they’ll be uniquely yours. Consider offering your customers a customization choice, like their name, a special event, or your charity’s name.

You probably won’t be able to offer many different designs as you’ll have to order a fixed minimum number of each. So choose a good one that will appeal to many people.

Home-made Ornaments

If you’re working with children or other creative folks and you have enough time, make your very own Christmas ornaments! There are dozens of materials and designs.

Take your volunteer’s abilities into account when you’re shopping for materials. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

  • Paper – Cut, fold, glue or paint for endless possibilities.
  • Pottery – Easy to use. Can be glazed for extra appeal.
  • Cookie dough – For edible ornaments!
  • Fabric and wool – Baubles made of felt instead of glass are great for people with small kids, cats or dogs at home. Sew or crochet tiny Santa socks, reindeer and other seasonal icons.
  • Wood – Cutting ornaments from plywood and painting them is a crafts classic.
  • Pine cones, acorns and other natural materials – These won’t cost you a thing and can make very effective ornaments!

Where to Sell Christmas Ornaments

The easiest way to sell Christmas ornaments is at a stall, for example at a local market or a Christmas fair organized by your group. If that doesn’t work for you, you and your volunteers can sell individually to colleagues, friends and neighbors.

Happy holidays and happy fundraising!