Charity Concert

A charity concert is a fantastic, fun and unique way to fundraise for the charity close to your heart. All it takes is a little bit of planning, some local talent and a small amount of hard work.

How to Set Up a Charity Concert

There’s an aspiring Beyonce or Justin Beiber in all of us. We’ve all closed the curtains, turned up the volume and danced around in our bedrooms while holding a hairbrush and imagining 100,000 screaming fans in the crowd! Well now’s the time to make some of those dreams come true. You may not be able to pull in a crowd of 100,000 but if you have a little bit of talent and a lot of nerve you could make some serious cash for your chosen charity.


Your concert needs willing volunteers who can hold a tune and don’t get stage fright. The best way to find local talent is to hold auditions. Put up some posters in local bars, clubs, schools and businesses. Let people know what you are planning, and when/where the auditions will be held.

For a standard two-hour concert you will need approximately 10-15 performers singing 2-3 songs each.

Concert Venue

You want somewhere spacious enough to hold a large gathering plus your performance space. You can ask local bars/clubs or school halls to donate space, or rent it to you for the day. These places will already have a lot of the equipment on site too.

If you want something bigger then you can for town halls, local concert venues or even outdoor spaces like a farmer’s land (with permission from the land owner). Of course, these venues will require your own equipment at an extra cost. Mentioning your charity may get you a reduction on the venue costs.

Equipment Rental

If you have a venue such as a bar, club or school hall then most of the equipment may already be in place. Most of these venues have mics, performance lighting, etc. However, you will need musical equipment such as guitars, keyboards and amps.

Some of your performers may have this equipment already and be willing to let the other performers use it. If this isn’t the case then you will need to rent it. Again, mentioning that you are fundraising for charity may get you a discount off the hire cost.


Once you have your performers, venue and equipment you need to advertise your charity concert. Make some posters and get them posted in local businesses, your local newspaper, bars/clubs, schools and even promoted on your local radio station. If the event is large enough you may be able to get it mentioned on your local news channel too.

Your advertisements should show which charity you are fundraising for, who will be performing, the venue, date/time, and where tickets can be purchased from.

Charity Concert Tickets

When deciding how much to charge you need to make sure that you charge a small enough amount that you get a lot of interest but large enough that you cover your expenses and make a good return for your charity. Make sure your advertisements offer a telephone number where tickets can be purchased. Advanced purchases will help you plan and recoup some of your upfront costs, but tickets can also be sold on the night at the venue.


Local businesses are always willing to help out charity events in return for some good publicity. Get sponsorship could cover your venue and equipment costs, any refreshments you offer, and some businesses may even make a flat donation to your charity.

In return, make sure you mention each business on your posters and live at your concert. If you can get the sponsors mentioned on local radio, you may be able to boost your sponsorship amount.


  1. Jennifer says:

    My daughter had a successful solo violin concert for charity.