Charity Bowling Night

Bowling is one of the most popular participation sports, ranking ahead of sports like baseball, tennis and cycling. Bowling is easy to learn and everyone can do it. Even bowling amateurs love to play, so turn this to your advantage by holding a charity bowling night for your cause.

How to Organize a Charity Bowling Night

Form teams and create a tournament, or have an individual competition. Each bowler should take pledges for their final score. If you have a lot of participants, divide up the competition into age groups so everyone feels included. Award prizes to the winners, or a trophy to the best bowling team.

What will it cost?:

  • Bowling alley rental is your only major expense. Work with a local business to sponsor part of the cost, or ask the alley to donate time during off-peak hours so you can hold your competition.
  • Prizes and trophies for the winners
  • Publicity – Flyers, advertisements and marketing. Spend as little or as much as you want in this area.

Combine your charity bowling night with other fundraising ideas, such as selling drinks and food, to raise even more funds for your charity or group.