Charity Basketball Game

Swish! That’s the sound of money dropping into your fundraising bucket. Organize a charity basketball game to raise funds for your charity, school or special cause.

How to Organize a Charity Basketball Game

There are thousands of charity basketball games every year, and they’re as diverse as the causes they support. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Celebrity Basketball Game. This is the ultimate charity basketball game. Get some local stars involved; their presence alone will draw a crowd. The game itself is just a bonus! You can make extra money for your cause by raffling off a spot on the celebrity team to the highest bidder.
  • Rivals Game. Get together with your fiercest rivals and fundraise together. Each team sells tickets and makes a share of the profits, or you can agree ahead of time to split the proceeds 50/50. Some examples: Police vs. Firefighters, School vs. School, Republicans vs. Democrats.
  • Wheelchair Basketball. Whether you’re fundraising for a disability charity or just want to add an additional challenge to your able-bodied players, wheelchair basketball is an exciting game that will keep the crowds entertained.

Organize your charity basketball game well in advance of the date. Remember that you’ll need a suitable venue (even if it’s an outdoor court), room for a crowd and two teams of at least five players. Add in uniforms, publicity and refreshments, and you’re almost ready for tip-off.

Charity Basketball Tips

Here are some more tips for running a successful charity basketball game:

  • “And 1!” Try some other fundraising ideas at the game to generate additional profit for your cause. For example, you could sell food, t-shirts or set up some carnival games.
  • Manage your money. Put one person in charge of managing your fundraising budget. You’ll need to put money aside for the venue, permits, insurance and clean-up on the day of the event.
  • Prizes. Games are much more fun when there’s something at stake. Create a trophy for the winning team, or award bragging rights for a rivals game. Any extra incentive you can provide will make your charity basketball game more exciting.


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