Charity Ball

What could be more glamorous than a charity ball? Sipping champagne, rubbing elbows with famous people… all while raising money for a good cause!

Charity Ball Fundraising Tips

The larger the event, the more time you’ll need to get organized. Allow yourself more time than you think you’ll need; you’d rather spend the last few weeks leading up to your event with your feet up, relaxing, instead of running around trying to get everything done.

Here’s what you need for a charity ball:

  • Venue. A quality venue is essential for a charity ball. Check that the venue has all the facilities you’ll need — including a large kitchen if you plan to serve food — as well as a dance floor large enough to accommodate your guests. Things such as tables, chairs and decorations are usually not included in the venue fee, so be sure to ask about these items before you sign a contract.
  • Music. For a formal affair, hire a live band or string quartet to provide entertainment.
  • Guest list. Celebrity guests or dignitaries will increase publicity and interest in your event.
  • Publicity or PR. A good marketer can get your charity ball mentioned in the media, which will increase your exposure exponentially. They can also help you organize the finite details of your event and help keep the celebrities happy.

The final details of your charity ball are what will make it truly unique. What drinks will you serve? What music would you like the band to play? What is the dress code? Sorting out all of these details well in advance will help to pull your event together successfully.