Car Wash Fundraiser

Summer fundraising doesn’t get simpler than this: Turn a bucketful of soap and water into cash with a car wash fundraiser.

How to Hold a Car Wash Fundraiser

First, find a suitable place to hold the car wash. A local school or community parking lot is ideal. Check with the property owners and make sure you’ll have access to water. You may be able to use a public water source but you’ll need to get permission first.

Next, recruit some of your friends to help you out. If you’re fundraising for a sports team or school group, everyone in the group should be a part of the fundraising event. People who don’t want to get wet can advertise the car wash by speaking to local radio stations, schools, businesses and by posting flyers around town.

The rest is simple: Set a price, pick a day and start washing! An average price ($5-$15) will bring in the most customers for your fundraising cause.

Car Wash Fundraising Tips

  • DON’T get your customers wet.
  • DON’T offer waxing services. It’s too messy, time-consuming, and can damage cars if you don’t do it right.
  • DO have a responsible person who takes care of the money, keeping it dry and safe while you get to work.
  • DO wear a bathing suit with a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops… you’re going to get wet.
  • DO check schedules to make sure your event isn’t conflicting with something else, like a local sports game or concert.
  • DO a good job — you might even get an extra donation!