Candy Bar Fundraiser

Candy bar fundraisers are simple to run — the ideal fundraiser for sports teams, groups and schools. Unlike other types of fundraisers, candy bar sales require only a minimal investment, both from you and your donors. It’s the volume of candy bar sales that leads to fundraising success.

How to Run a Candy Bar Fundraiser

Who doesn’t love candy? Running a candy bar fundraiser is easy. Offer a selection of candy (usually chocolate bars) at a mark-up. The difference between our cost and the sale price is profit for your fundraising cause.

Candy bar fundraisers are ideal for groups because they depend on a network of small donors who will purchase a few items, rather than fewer donors who will make larger donations. Here are some tips for making your candy bar fundraiser a success:

  • Set realistic goals – Ask each member to sell at least 20 candy bars to family, friends, co-workers or students.
  • Offer a prize to the group member who sells the most candy bars.
  • Keep the group motivated – Provide fundraising updates at your meetings, or send out weekly email updates. Emphasize the success of the group and keep trying to get better.

The bottom line: You want to create attainable goals that will also motivate your group members.

Candy Bar Fundraising Companies

The most common way to run a candy bar fundraiser is to work with a fundraising company. Many major chocolate manufacturers, including Hershey’s, have fundraising packs you can sell to earn money for your cause. You can also work with a private company that specializes in products for fundraisers.

Look for a company that suits your needs. Some companies don’t require any money down. They provide you with the product, and you must return any unsold candy at the end of the campaign. Alternatively, you may need to commit to selling a certain amount. If there’s a shortfall, you may need to make up the difference. Ask the company representative about these expectations before you start selling under their program.

Candy Bar Fundraiser Tips

Selling candy through a fundraising company is the most popular way to run a candy bar fundraiser, but you can also do it yourself. Purchase a selection of candy bars and sell them for a profit. Just make sure you’re buying candy that is labeled for individual sale; most “fun size” or bulk candy is not meant to be sold as packaged. However, many full-size candy bars can be sold and resold individually. Always check with the manufacturer before you start.

The rest is easy, and the profit belongs to your fundraising cause.


  1. I am opening a fundraising company and I am looking to sell candybars please let me know if you provide companies with this product thank you wendy

  2. Hi Wendy – We don’t sell anything – we just provide the ideas. A lot of the major manufacturers sell in bulk for fundraising so you could try them. Good luck with your company!