Candle Fundraiser

Scented, soy, name brand or religious: Most households have at least a few candles spicing up their decor. Fire up your non-profit or charity fundraising efforts with a candle fundraiser.

How to Run a Candle Fundraiser

Most charities or groups run candle fundraisers through a specialized company. Major candle brands like Yankee Candle offer fundraising options, and there are also candle fundraising companies who sell specialty candles, such as:

  • Religious candles (sometimes with an inscription or Bible verse)
  • Soy candles
  • Vegan candles
  • Handmade dipped or pillar candles

In most cases, the candle fundraising company will supply your charity or group with catalogs and order forms. You usually need to take payment upfront for the goods, which are then delivered once the fundraiser has concluded. If the company doesn’t deliver items directly to your customers, you can arrange at pick-up day; this is especially useful for schools or community groups.

Your non-profit group receives a percentage of the total sales you make as part of your fundraiser.

Candle Fundraising Tips

When you work with a fundraising company, you should be aware of the terms upfront and find out how they will be helping you. Researching these things in advance will keep surprises to a minimum and help you offset costs. Find out:

  • Is there a minimum purchase amount?
  • How much profit will your charity get to keep?
  • When is the money due?
  • Do you have to keep stock?
  • Who will deliver orders?
  • Who will handle customer service issues, such as broken or missing items?

If you decide to sell candles without a fundraising company, all of these responsibilities are yours. Keep a careful tally of your sales, cash flow, and calculate profits carefully to ensure you come out making money.

However, doing your own candle fundraiser lets you create custom gifts; for example, you could sell custom-dipped candles, or hand-decorated candle jars. This is a really unique way to make your charity’s fundraiser stand out from the rest.