Band Fundraisers

For students who march to the beat of their own drummer — the drumline, that is — band fundraisers are an opportunity to raise money for something you love and get involved in your community too. From traditional to wacky, we have all the best band fundraiser ideas right here.

Kids Fundraising Ideas

Getting kids involved with fundraising is a great way to keep them entertained, as well as teaching children about charity, social responsibility and giving.

Football Fundraisers

Football fundraisers work because you can get the whole team involved, as well as parents, teachers and the local community. Treat it like a winning drive and you’ll surpass your fundraising goals before you know it!

Discount Card Fundraiser

Discount cards are an ideal fundraising idea for clubs, sports teams or large non-profit groups. They are easy to sell and provide great value for buyers too.

Face Painting

Face painting is a fun way to raise additional money for your charity or non-profit group — it only takes a steady hand, some face paint and willing participants to get started.