High School Fundraiser Ideas

Whether you’re a teacher or student in high school, you’ve got all you need to run a successful fundraiser right in your school. Find out how to raise money for that special project, field trip or school club.

Charity Auction

Everyone loves to spend money, and an auction puts a buzz in the air and creates a sense of urgency to get your bid in. This leads to lots of fun, friendly competition and bidding wars, which will hopefully set your profit margins soaring!

Fundraising Ideas for Teenagers

Don’t believe the hype about teenagers being “lazy” — if teens want something badly enough, they will find a way to make it happen. So, inspire them with some of these great fundraising ideas.

Basketball Fundraisers

Shoot and score for your next fundraiser with these basketball-themed ideas for teams.

Dunk Tank Fundraiser

A dunk tank is best used as part of a fun day, school or work fundraiser, or a carnival — somewhere that attracts a lot of foot traffic. With equipment you can hire for the day, it is a quick and relatively cheap activity.