Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

There are many organizations dedicated to supporting those who have to deal with breast cancer and to supporting the research needed to find a cure. Get started with these traditional, creative and “pink” themed fundraising ideas.

Gift Card Fundraiser

Selling gift cards for businesses such as restaurants, department stores and grocery stores has become a very popular form of fundraising for organizations in recent years.

Simple Fundraising Ideas

Check out these fundraising ideas that cost little in the way of investment or time, yet can bring in some nice donations for your organization.

Fundraiser Coupon Books

Many organizations sell booklets of coupons to raise funds. The booklets, usually good for one year, contain coupons offering discounts at restaurants, stores, theaters and other attractions. The discounts are substantial enough to make them useful to the purchaser.

Fun Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is unavoidable for most organizations, but it can also be a fun and creative activity that will energize volunteers and excite donor-targets. Sometimes all it takes is a twist on an old tradition; other times you might want to try something new!